Brittany Stockwell has always had an inclination for the arts. Along with studying music from an early age, during her childhood she spent most of her free time drawing, painting, and creating collages. Not until college would she fully realize her love for the English language and the art of writing. As an English major with minors in Music and American History, Brittany struggled to decide on one particular career path. After doing a lot of soul searching while studying for a Master of Arts in Teaching and adventuring on a two month long cross country road trip, she made the decision to pursue performing and teaching violin & viola as a freelance artist full time.

Brittany began playing violin and taking private lessons at the young age of four. Brittany studied the Suzuki Method and worked diligently to become an advanced performing violinist by the age of fourteen. During her middle school years, Brittany was the president of the Art Club and worked diligently designing and painting sets for the musicals. As well as designing and painting sets, Brittany also performed in the musicals. Becoming more serious with her music in high school, Brittany devoted most of her time to practicing violin and eventually viola. At fifteen years old, she picked up the viola, which she quickly mastered before graduating high school less than three years later. During middle and high school, Brittany auditioned for and participated in the Central Massachusetts Junior and Senior District Orchestras, which performed at Mechanics Hall in Worcester, Massachusetts. During high school, she auditioned for and participated in the Massachusetts All-State Orchestras, which performed at Symphony Hall in Boston. Impressively, she was a member of the Mass. All-State Orchestra for three consecutive years, one with violin and two with viola. Brittany was a member of the Whitinsville Christian School Chamber Orchestra, which participated in tours to Louisiana and Mississippi, as well as the Dominican Republic. Brittany devoted the majority of her childhood to the creative arts. She enthusiastically attended many music camps during her summers, tutored fellow musicians throughout her middle and high school years, and studied several music theory classes at her high school as well as being a proud member of the band, playing her electric violin. Brittany eventually decided to hone her writing and literary skills by pursuing English as a major at Framingham State University where she focused on Shakespeare Studies and Postcolonial Literature. To read her capstone piece on Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses, click here. 


Along with performing and teaching music, Brittany will soon be launching her new blog project, The Purple Violinist, as a way of sharing her music, art, and teaching musings through writing! Along with starting this new blog project, Brittany is wicked excited to start sharing her art, some of which will also be for sale! 


Brittany currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Framingham State University, with minors in Music and American History, as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching from Simmons College in Boston.  Along with being a professional nanny for almost five years while studying at Framingham State and Simmons College, Brittany has taught and tutored students in music for over ten years. She currently teaches violin and viola to students in the Boston and Worcester areas of Massachusetts. She teaches private and group music lessons at Vivo Strings in North Grafton, Eccentric Musician Company in North Oxford, and Keith's Music House in Boylston. Brittany currently plays fiddle for Nash Next finalist & first round Grammy nominated artist Ashley Jordan. She is also a resident member of the Blackstone Valley String Quartet. 


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